305 on Portra 400

I don't know how it happened but my thoughts of influencing the idea of a trip with my dearest friends actually turned into a reality! And of course me thinking about photography, I wanted to take a camera that wasn't safe nor a typical pro photographers would use. So I brought along my point&shoot Contax T3 with a bag full of Kodak Portra 400. Now I have to say, going through the airport security asking them no x-ray on my films was a little annoying since they made me wait longer while my friends naturally waited for me to clear but all in all the results were completely worth it.  
Going back to the beginning of the story. We planned to create our memories in Miami which I had never been to. Living in LA for a big chunk of my life, South Beach isn't that much different. People are definitely much more easier to talk to and connect with than in Los Angeles. For example, and relating my experience with photography...if I was to do street photography in LA, somehow someone would either get in a fight with me or I would get a ticket for a permit of some kind. In Miami, I felt like I can walk around the city and capture whatever I wanted and people just didn't care.
Walking while snapping and digging this motion blur Huracan.
And so here we are, the infinity eight as I like to call us. Minus Ninel who snapped this timeless horizontal portrait sacrificing not being in the photograph while I was iPhone happy for a bit. This wasn't our first night in Miami. Actually, I don't even remember which night this was but the place was called KiKi On The River and It was off the hook.
She was fake fainting for attention and it totally worked like a charm!
How do you go to Miami and not take photos of girls having fun? The expressions of the girls in the back is what makes this photograph stand out, specially the one on far left.
Shot a roll of my favorite black&white stock Ilford HP5 Plus 400
How do you define the true definition of friendship? In my own words it all needs to be natural, no benefits or religion. Life evolves and challenges us all and sometimes difficult times brings us closer or pushes us away. It's almost scary to think that I know these guys for almost three decades. Even though we really haven't spent a lot of time together and focused more on our careers. Keeping balance is probably the most difficult task in life. I have a feeling after MIA things will take a turn. A sense of synergy is immediately accomplished when you're in the presence of a true friend. I don't mean to make any excused but having to live in LA has its downfalls of trying to maintain the friendship that you have built for many many years. At the same time, it's also within you, your responsibility to create time and stay in touch. I for one struggle when it comes to that part of my life but I try to revise my thoughts to improve myself better.  
We laughed, we danced, we drank and acted like fools, but that's the beauty of life. These photographs on film, we will cherish. Go out there find yourself true friends, travel with them and hey why not take a film camera along the way!