Teaching generation z

Teaching all the knowledge I've picked up in my years of photography to a new generation is a fulfilling bonus to my heart. Anyone can be a teacher and walk you through the steps of camera settings the right focal length of lens to use and etc. I've constantly wanted to inform in a way where students felt a bit more connected phsycologically. I strongly feel that photography has a lot to do with how we connect with our subject. What words we use to communicate and make them feel in front of our cameras. It's also extremely important to accomplish trust in a quick turnaround time. These are only a few of my pin point importance of teaching my style of capturing photographs.  
My very first seminar, we had fifteen students sign up and join the class. The day flew by so quickIy I felt like six hours was only forty five minutes long. One of the most challenging sides of this seminar was that I had all levels of students sign up. From very early beginners, all the way to students who already had lots of photography experience. Trying to balance became a bit unsustainable but I think overall it was a success. We had live models with outdoor and indoor settings to give the students both ideas of approaching available and natural light for them to use. Since the class was small enough, I was able to give each of them my direct attention and guide through the questions with detailed answers. One interesting aspect while I was in the middle of teaching stood out for me was how important it was to have the right camera gear. In the photography world we photographers all have a preference to what camera to use but it's so different for a beginner or even a mid experienced student to understand, so it all makes senses.
Rewarding is a complete understatement to say the least about how I felt when the seminar was all finished. I really enjoyed meeting all my students and getting to know them for the short periont of time we were able to hangout. Photography and in general I always put my mind in the thoughts of being limitless. Even if I was able to accomplish ninety-nine out of a hundred I still wouldn't feel content but that's the type of person I am. Sometimes in between my shoots, while I start converting with my clients, they ask me if I am happy with the results so far. I return with an average answer of saying they are okay! This is how I exactly felt about my very first seminar and its great because It will allow me to do more seminars in the near future to improve, adjust and most importantly teach in a direction that was never taught to me.