Home of the faithful

The 49ers are my favorite sports team of all time. I remember watching my very first football game and Steve Young throwing a pass down the field to Jerry Rice for a touchdown! At the time I was only fifteen years old in middle school with a group full of friends in which none of them really watched American football. Basketball being the super popular sport I remember watching all the Niners gamers alone. It's interesting now that I think about it, it never bothered me. I felt different from my circle of friends.
Fast forward twenty something years, my whole family with our friends watch all the Niners gamers. My son who is only three years old watches the games with us. He probably won't experience watching the Niners seasons all alone like I have growing up but hopefully he will always be a part of the red and gold. To be able to build character and live being faithful to a team for a long period of time, makes all the worth a while. So many great memories with loved ones that makes for what life is all about.  
I love when random people at weddings that I am shooting approach me and we start talking about the 49ers. A total stranger becomes someone I can say "hi" to next time I see him at Foot Locker! It's funny but in a weird positive way that person crosses your mind every now and then. 
There is something to be said about us as humans that share things in common with each other. It gives us a sense of comfort or confidence knowing that what we love has great proper value in someone else. Life really doesn't give us enough time to explore in all the many different things that this world offers but that's also why we cherish and are so passionate for the things we do. To that I say cheers! Hopefully we can do it with love and share it among our loved ones packed full of great memories.