Journey back to my hometown

Two decades later, I finally got a chance to go back to my hometown Armenia. I was only nine years old when my parents decide to move to the Untied States. My memories from the old country was a blur. 
What a beautiful little land we as Armenians have on this planet. I was so excited to explore all the corners and the historical places. I actually lost sleep thinking about how to plan my trip so that I don't loose time, Months before the day came for us to fly out. On top of all that, the main reason for my trip to the home land was to photograph a wedding that was going to take place. All the wonderful reasons I was going back home but still had ideas of trying to put together projects to help in any way possible for the people in Armenia.  
The hardest part was not coming up with the actual ideas, but to have trust in people! Its so difficult to try and explain what you're trying to do is completely noble. The way I look at life is, just because its challenging or difficult it doesn't mean you should give up or find the easy route.
My playground, my neighborhood. Ninth floor overview from our window.
I failed! 
I failed to reach out to these kids who have no homes, no family and no future! 
The most inspiring time of my life, I felt uninspired and absolutely didn't want to move forward. 
Interesting we all live and breath the same air but never realize what we are blessed with until its taken away from us. The painful thing is that these kids were born into this.  
I will not go into details about the type of project I had in mind to help the kids in Armenia, but I'll say this. This is not the last of my try. One day I will be successful with helping the need. Its going to take a lot more power and dedication, but I will be ready! Life is not about what you have. Life is for what you can give and pass on to someone who is in need.
As I was walking through the orphanage, I came across a room with school chairs and desks. One of the teachers pointed out to me that all of the supplies were donated by the people of Japan. 
In my own words I would like to deeply say thank you to all of the people of Japan. You all are appreciated for your generosity and kind hearts. I hope one day I have the opportunity to visit your country and explore your beautiful culture. 
Its not always the politics that rule the world. Its also the humans selfless acts. Look around you, think with your brain. Its not hard to see, or to feel about whats going on in the world. We all know one person can make a difference, but together we can accomplish everything!
This is the actual church in which I was baptized and became a Christian. I was only a year old, in 1982.
In conclusion, my trip back home was one of the most emotional roller coaster rides I have taken in a long while. So many more things I experienced and saw with my own eyes that I will take with me for all of my life. Ultimately, Its always great to think positive but you can't neglect what's real. Speak your mind and always move forward in life. Its easy to misunderstand, but its difficult to stay consistent. I will always choose the difficult path, because that is the one in which I will learn the most from.  
The photograph of this sweet grandmother I took randomly passing by the streets of Armenia. I asked her if I may take a picture of her, and she smiles back and replied "why do you ask?" I told her, that her face was full of kindness and her expressions spoke softly. I took two quick photos. first one her eyes were open with a smile and this one which you see her smiling but her eyes are closed. This is how I feel about Armenia. I close my eyes and I smile. I smile because we have a beautiful land. I smile because we are beautiful people. I smile because there should always be hope!